UPDATE: Extended Deadline for Robert K. Martin Book Prize (1 May 2012)

The Canadian Association for American Studies is extending the deadline for this year’s competition for the annual Robert K. Martin Prize for the best monograph written by a current member of CAAS.  This year’s prize will be for books published with a copyright date of 2011.  The new postmark deadline for submission is 1 May 2012. All current members and… Read more →

Tenure-Track Position in American Literature (19th and 20th C); Deadline 19 March 2012

The Department of English Language and Literature, St. Thomas University, invites applications for an entry-level, tenure-track appointment, at the rank of Assistant Professor, to begin July 1, 2012, pending budgetary approval. St. Thomas University is an undergraduate, liberal arts institution whose roots are in the faith and tradition of the Roman Catholic Church. With a full-time enrolment of 2,500, its… Read more →

A-conferencing we… went?

Well, my cunning plan to offer a live blog, twitter-feed, radio broadcast, and 3D-film of the conference was something less than a stunning success.  I blame it on all of the fascinating papers, the stimulating plenaries … and the dance party.  So, I thought I would blog a quick post-conference note to make up for it.   I saw too many… Read more →

New Blog Marching Orders

Thanks, Jason, for that lovely intro, and hello CAASblog readers … whose numbers Jason and I hope to start ratcheting up as we go. What I’m hoping to do with this blog is start introducing more member-produced content and turn it into a discussion forum as well as an information board. So I’ll still post CFPs and CAAS news, but… Read more →

CAAS Conference 2010

Well, another annual CAAS conference has come and gone, with the requisite amount of excellent papers, carousing, and frantic rewriting in the hotel room an hour before one presents. That last one may just be me. I brought my camera with the intention of thoroughly documenting the proceedings, but as I do not seem to have the shutterbug affliction that… Read more →

Post-conference thoughts, parte the firste

Hi all—Christopher Lockett here, the other promised guest-blogger, finally weighing in with my post-mortem on CAAS 2009. We were a bit vague on what these blog entries were to be like, and Jason suggested that I could either post directly here or link to my own blog, or both … but I’ve been scratching away at some thoughts that have… Read more →

CAAS 2009 Live Blogging (plane version)

Well, test blogging at this point, anyway. Over the weekend, and for a day or two after, we hope to have a series of posts, blogging the conference as it happens! Excited, aren’t you?! 🙂 I’m actually on the plane, heading to London, and getting funny looks for doing this. So, more, including guest bloggers, later. –Jason

Friday CFP Blogging, 06 November 09

Next week’s CFP post will be pre-empted by the CAAS conference in London, ON.  I’m hoping to offer some blogs about the conference, and maybe a few attendees will help out!  If you’re going to be at CAAS, and would like to blog the conference, let me know! CFPs follow: