CAAS 2020 (Virtual) Conference

The Canadian Association for American Studies will be holding a virtual conference on October 16th and 23rd via Zoom. Please see page (1) for Conference Schedule and page (2) Conference Program. Those interested in participating can contact Dr. Peter Robert Brown.

Conference Schedule

October 16, 2020 

10:50-11:00: Greetings and Opening Remarks: Ross Bullen (CAAS President) 

Session One: 11:00-12:15: Poetics, Politics, and Aesthetics 

Moderator: Ross Bullen 

Geordie Miller: “Not Quite as Slowly as the Rest”: The Revolutionary Letters of Diane di Prima and Wendy Trevino 

Maria Rovito: Towards a New Madwoman Theory: Reckoning the Pathologization of Sylvia Plath 

LUNCH BREAK: 12:15-1:45 

CAAS Executive Meeting: 12:30-1:30 

Session Two: 1:45-3:15: Pulp, Noir, and Crime in the Golden State 

Moderator: Peter Robert Brown 

Arthur Redding: “Los Angeles and Me Had Had Enough of Each Other”: Donald Goines on the West Coast 

Katrina Younes: The Mimetic Femme Fatale in Dashiell Hammett’s Red Harvest 

Susan Ingram: The Places and Politics of Violence: Investigating Twenty-First Century Crime Scenes 

Session Three: 3:30-5:00: Race, Ethnicity, and Erasure 

Moderator: Jenna Hunnef 

Laura Beard and Lindsay Sorell:  “Notwithstanding the treaty rights”: A Life Narrative of the Black Hills 

Suchismita Dutta: “What the Schools Didn’t Do for Me”: The Politics of Arab American Visibility in Najla Said’s Looking for Palestine 

Jenna Hunnef: Painted Indians and an All-Black Cast of Oklahoma: The Meta-Politics of Race in HBO’s Watchmen 

Friday, October 23, 2020 

Session Four: 1:45-3:15: Political Narratives from the 1960s to the Present 

Moderator: Geordie Miller 

Stephen Schryer: Gary Wills’s Conservative Apostasy 

Hasmet Uluorta: Neoliberal Supremacy and the Class and Race Based Sacrifice of Dissent: From Reagan to Trump 

Lindsey Banco: Techo-Conspiracies and Petrocolonialism: The Strange Case of Dr. Judy Wood 

Session Five: 3:30- 5:30: Just for You: A CAAS Mixtape 

Moderator: Paul Downes 

Jennifer Harris: Fashion, Fitness, and Freedom in the 1890s: Recuperating Ringwood’s Afro-American Journal 

Tricia George: Orienting Around Animality in Jesmyn Ward’s Sing, Unburied, Sing 

Luke Bresky: John Guare’s “Non-Controversial Mapplethorpe”: Six Degrees of Six Degrees 

Sarah Blanchette: “no magic bullet solutions or happy endings”: Graphic Memoir, Mental Health Literacy, and Biomedical Recovery in Marbles: Mania, Depression, Michelangelo,+ Me.

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