2019 Redekop Prize

On behalf of the Canadian Association for American Studies (CAAS) executive:

CAAS and the Ernest Redekop Prize Committee are pleased to award the 2019 Ernest Redekop Prize to Carole Lynn Stewart for “Iola’s War on Alcohol, Lynching, and the Rise of the Carceral State” (CRAS 49.2). The Redekop Prize is awarded annually for the best essay published in the Canadian Review of American Studies.

The Redekop Prize Committee offered the following assessment of Professor Stewart’s essay: “The committee admired the way in which Stewart addressed Frances Harper’s novel Iola Leroy and her activism in the Women’s Christian Temperance Union. Stewart’s focus on the micro-politics of reform in the period helps readers to understand Harper’s novel in the broader context of Ida B. Wells’s campaign against lynching as well as racism within the WCTU. The committee believes that the scope, depth, and significance of the essay merits the Redekop Prize.” Congratulations, Professor Stewart!

The Prize Committee also recommended two essays for Honourable Mentions. They are:

  • Cheryl Thompson’s “Locating ‘Dixie’ in Newspaper Discourse and Theatrical Performance in Toronto, 1880s to 1920s” (CRAS 49.2)
  • Yeonsik Jung’s “Why Is Melanctha Black?: Gertrude Stein, Physiognomy, and the Jewish Question” (CRAS 49.2)

Congratulations to Professors Stewart, Thompson, and Jung for their excellent essays, and thanks to the Redekop Prize Committee for all their hard work.

Ross Bullen (President, Canadian Association for American Studies)

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