Make your voice heard! The C19 Podcast is a stage for public scholarship on American literature, history, and culture.The immersive experience of podcasts builds relationships to listeners through the pleasures of oral storytelling and the comforts of conversation with an everyday ease granted by the medium’s mobility.We invite proposals from individuals and collaborators of all ranks for single podcast episodes on creative, thoughtful approaches to critical topics that can engage C19 members and the wider public.

No previous experience with podcasting is required. However, while the C19 Podcast Subcommittee will assign producers to help guide technical development, applicants will be expected to produce their own audio files. Any requirements for significant production assistance from the Subcommittee should be noted in the application.

We seek proposals on any topic relating to long nineteenth-century American literature, culture, and history. Episode topics might include

  • Archival discoveries;
  • Discussions of new booksin the field, new scholarly trends, or new J19issues;
  • Appearances by granting agency officers or editors of journals or presses;
  • Previews of upcoming conferences or symposia;
  • Resources and/or workshops on conference proposals, writing a dissertation, or applying to a conference, or starting a new bookproject;
  • Reports on academic activism, pedagogy, and inclusion, past and present;
  • Considerations of current political, cultural, and social developments in the context of the nineteenth century;
  • Discussions of pedagogical approaches
  • Tips and resources for undergraduates, graduates, and/or NTT and junior faculty on navigating the academic or alt-ac landscape.

Possible formats may include (but are not limited to) narrative expositions, interviews, analyses of underrepresented texts, and panel discussions.

Applications should include a brief proposal, CV(s), and an appendix. Proposals (max 300 words) should address the following: the topic and its relevance; the plan for adapting the topic to the podcast medium (30 min max episode); the episode format (interview, narrative, etc.) with an overview of the structure; and relevant scholarly and technical qualifications related to the subject. The appendix (1 page) may include sample questions for interviews, additional participants (if any), and logistics in terms of access to resources, equipment, and technical help. Submissions and any questions should be addressed to Christine “Xine” Yao at c19podcast@gmail.com. Submissions are open and will be evaluated by the Podcast Subcommittee three times a year coinciding with the end of the fall, spring, and summer semesters. 


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