Attention, Artists: Call for Symposium Presentations

CAAS 2017 Meeting: “Uncertain Futures”
OCAD University, Toronto, ON, Oct. 27-29, 2017

Call for Symposium Presentations

We invite proposals from people working in all areas of design, visual art, performance art, conceptual art, media art, craft, writing, film, comix, music and sound art to present and discuss their work as part of a symposium to be held October 28th, 2017 as part of the Uncertain Futures conference at OCAD University in Toronto, Ontario.

In accordance with this year’s theme, we are particularly seeking interest from people whose practices engage with, represent or interrogate current cultural understandings, beliefs, fears about, or fantasies of the future, whose work speculates on what the future will be, or who propose through their work to contribute towards the shaping of this future.

Possible areas of focus for presentations include:

  • The future of politics/the politics of the future
  • Future bodies
  • The future of (dis)ability
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Afrofuturism
  • Queer futures
  • Resilience as the future tense of trauma
  • The future of gender/post-patriarchal futures
  • Resurgence and the future in or through First Nations/indigenous thought
  • Hybrid/automated/augmented/cyborg subjectivity
  • The ethics/bioethics of the future
  • The future of migritude/future borders/the future of the border
  • The possibility of future under conditions of ecological precarity and collapse
  • Retrofuturism
  • The future of function
  • The future of phenomenology in virtual and other intentionally designed spaces
  • Apocalypse/post-apocalypse
  • The future of illness/health
  • The future of representation/form/art
  • The future in/of media and mediation

Accepted submissions will be organized into themed panels of three to four presentations each. Each participant will have fifteen minutes to exhibit and deliver remarks on their work, after which a moderator will facilitate a 30 minute group discussion. Presentations may take the form of a lecture or talk, but we recognize that this is not the only format that participants may wish to use to communicate their research. Therefore screenings, performances, or installations will also be welcome and will be integrated within the framework of the themed panels.

We intend that these panel presentations will be open to public attendance.

Please send an image or description of the proposed work, a 300 – 400 word abstract describing your proposed presentation, and a short bio to by April 3, 2017.

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